Livestock Wastewater


BKT has extensive experience using its filtration technology to control the high-strength ammonia typical of livestock wastewater. BKTs sequencing batch reactor with bioceramic media (BCS) or the BBF can be adapted to a variety of livestock wastewater projects, either for discharge or nutrient recovery purpose.


Targeted Issues

  • Ammonia removal
  • Protecting soil and water in agricultural regions
  • Compliance with manure regulations




High strength wastewater treatment for livestock waste

Due to the increasing demand for animal products, concentrated livestock populations have increased greatly over the last several years and proper disposal of livestock wastewater has also became a big issue all over the world. The inappropriate storage and disposal of livestock wastewater caused various environmental problems to the nearby water body such as toxic algae growth, and massive fish kills which have threatened aquatic ecosystem, water resource and public health.  In order to control these issues, regulations have been established to treat livestock wastewater in many countries.

Korea has implemented very strict discharge limit to the livestock wastewater for more than a decade and BKT is the leading company in livestock wastewater treatment there, with more than 70 reference sites. With more than 15 years design and operation experience of livestock wastewater treatment system, BKT has developed and optimized processes for livestock wastewater with biological treatment (BCS), advanced oxidation (AOF), biological nutrient removal system (BBF) and other technologies. BKT offers worry-free treatment solution to satisfy any discharge limits and also achieve cost-effectiveness for livestock wastewater.


Recovery and reuse for zero discharge

Livestock wastewater treatment is an expensive process due to the high organic and high nutrient content.  As the recycle and reuse resources has become a major trend of the world, beneficial use of high organic and the nutrient in the livestock wastewater has also become a hot topic. BKT has developed various nutrient recovery and energy recovery solutions from livestock wastewater.

Historically, livestock wastewater was widely applied to the soil as a fertilizer with minimum treatment in a storage system because of the high nutrient content. However, due to the high cost of transportation, the livestock land application was mainly occurred in the nearby crop land. As time goes by, over application of these livestock wastewater resulted in accumulation of certain compounds such as phosphorus in these areas. Land application in these areas is no longer allowed by phosphorous regulations.

BKT's FMX technology will allow the business owners to remove problematic compounds such as phosphorus, and pathogens from livestock wastewater. The effluent from FMX can be further concentrated in RO or evaporator and readily commercialized as organic liquid fertilizer.

By combining FMX with other processes, BKT offers various waste management solutions that allow our clients to produce renewable energy, recover marketable liquid fertilizer and achieve water reuse in the facility while comply with environmental regulations.


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