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At BKT, we understand that each sample has unique characteristics and each individual client’s goals will vary. For this reason, we prefer a hands-on approach in processing your sample to determine the optimal choice of membrane for your application. Just send us a minimum of 5 gallons of sample for analysis and processing with the FMX techonology

  • Definition of project goals
  • Analysis of client’s sample
  • Selection of optimum membrane

To facilitate maximum accuracy of our design, we then emulate a full-scale processing of your sample on our larger pilot units. Based on our experience, we recommend an On-Site Test (OST) to fine-tune for other external factors; however, in the event of logistical difficulties, our labs can accommodate an In-House Test (IHT). Both tests allow us to help you determine the best real-time operation strategy, including choice of cleaning method, cleaning cycle timing, batch or continuous process etc.…

  • Verification of flow rates which can be achieved using FMX technology
  • Confirm long term operation and reliability
  • Formulate optimum cleaning procedures and other operating variables

By installing a full-scale industrial unit, you can consolidate several processes into one single step using the FMX Membrane filtration System. FMX technology can help you achieve higher concentration goals, retrieve formerly wasted materials for additional revenue, conserve resources by using less, among other benefits.

  • Consultation on ideal treatment process per BKT’s wide range of experience
  • Ideal model selection considering PRE and POST treatment with overall project objectives
  • Quantitative analysis of economic benefits and financing options

Pilot Testing

BKT can provide a variety of in-house and on-site pilot testing options to verify FMX feasibility and performance. This flexibility allows us to accommodate each client’s specific needs in regards to testing.

In-House Pilot Testing

At our facility in Anaheim California, in-house testing can be conducted using the FMX-B laboratory scale filtration system and/or the larger FMX-P pilot testing unit. The FMX-B is ideally suited for membrane selection, while the FMX-P is suited for the collection of full-scale design parameters, such as flux, and determining the best membrane cleaning procedure.

A typical in-house pilot test begins with a membrane selection test, during which 3-5 membranes are tested using the FMX-B system. This enables the comparison of various membranes for parameters such as rejection and flux. Testing a variety of membranes enables us to provide the optimum membrane for each application, providing each client with a customized solution.

Once the optimal membrane has been selected, testing continues on the FMX-P pilot system. The FMX-P system has a larger membrane surface area then the FMX-B, providing more accurate design parameters and optimum membrane cleaning procedures. Key targets for FMX-P testing are typically to obtain a stable operating flux and to achieve the best water recovery rate for each application.

On-Site Pilot Testing

BKT offers a variety of options for on-site testing with full-scale FMX-E and FMX-S20 units. These units are trailer mounted with all internal plumbing connections, allowing for quick and easy on-site installation.

All of the on-site piloting systems provide full-scale design data and can confirm both membrane performance/longevity over multiple batches and membrane cleaning procedures. Testing time can vary from two weeks to a few months depending on the clients' needs. Typical on-site tests are conducted to mimic a full scale installation, providing the best results for full scale design and installation.