CHEMICAL Applications

Delivering higher concentrations and high recoveries under the most challenging conditions

Due to the presence of serious toxic contaminants and potentially hazardous materials, chemical industry wastewater is among the most difficult to treat for discharge or reuse. Nevertheless, as water becomes an increasingly scarce resource worldwide, both financial and environmental concerns have prompted escalating demand for water conservation. Fortunately, FMX’s ability to effectively treat high-solids waste streams allow for reuse of challenging industrial wastewater streams, providing a sustainable solution that simultaneously reduces hauling costs and disposal expense.

FMX has been used for treating high strength chemical industry wastewater such as polymer production waste, methylcellulose wastewater, titanium dioxide dewatering wastewater and many other high solid feed applications. 


Colloidal Particle Concentration

Increasing yield while reducing batch time and the cost of production


Magnesium Silicate Recovery

Achieving maximum recovery rates of lost magnesium silicate in wash water


Methylcellulose Wastewater Treatment

Reducing the volume and costs of treating Methylcellulose Wastewater.


Silicon Wafer Backgrinding

Delivering particle free process water for less surface defects from ripout, dishing, and contaminants


PVA Concentration

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