FMX Applications

Chemical-Mechanical Polishing


Maximize various different semiconductor process performance by controlling the size, and concentration of slurry particles. 

  • Improve the CMP process

  • Reduce manufacturing costs

  • Improve of production quality

The system can handle variable filtration needs (from filtration membranes) and uses rotating blades to generate vortices, which cleans the membrane during filtration. This results in a reliable and consistent output due to higher water recovery, less frequent cleanings, higher systems efficiency, and reduced downtime.



Project Overview

Semiconductor material slurry filtration/enrichment - Organic solvent filtration and slurry concentration




Remove TSS to recycle water

Reduce wastewater disposal cost

High recovery rate while maintaining high flux



There is high fouling potential due to the nature of the particle being small in size,and abrasive.




Model: FMX-B (membrane area: 0.015 ㎡)

Membrane: PTFE * 0.05 μm

  • Average Flux: 50LMH (VCF.5)

  • TSS Removal: 99.9%*

  • Recovery: 95%+**