FMX Applications

Magnesium Silicate Recovery

Achieving maximum recovery rates of lost magnesium silicate in wash water



Project Overview

Dallas Group of America

A major magnesium silicate producer tested FMX technology on an industrial scale demonstration to maximize the recovery of magnesium silicate in it’s wash water.




Achieve maximum recovery rate of lost magnesium silicate in the wash water and concentration of recovered magnesium silicate slurry to be blended back to manufacturing process, while producing suspended-solids free permeate for further RO treatment for water recovery to reduce surcharges for wastewater treatment.




The waste stream from processing the silicate slurry was continually fouling RO systems.



Over the four weeks, the FMX-E5 pilot unit was able to maintain the desired performance that was determined during previous in-house testing.

The sustained performance of the membrane filtration media to process the application-specific influent stream over a prolonged process time verifies the feasibility of the FMX technology for use in this application.

  • Average Flux: 314 LMH at 96% recovery rate

  • CIP Frequency: once per month

  • Hot Water Flush: after every batch concentration



These results indicate that the Anti-Fouling FMX technology utilized in the process train provides ideal solution for:

  • The reduction of TSS to non-detectable levels in the permeate

  • Higher concentration factors of the magnesium silicate product which will increase the client’s profits on their product

  • Increased water recovery

  • Overall stable operation at an industrial scale by increasing the efficiency of downstream equipment