From Waste Stream to Profit Stream

Recover Nutrients from Digestate with FMX

  • 100% Suspended Solids Removal to Produce Crystal Clear Permeate

  • Anti-fouling Technology Improves Membrane Lifespan

  • Ultra-high Flux Compared to Conventional Systems

  • Up to 5x Volume Reduction

Using vortex-generating technology, FMX maintains membrane performance while filtering the most difficult digestates, including manures from dairy and hog farms, poultry litter, crop and food processing waste, rendering wastewater.

We are now able to transform nuisance digestate streams into concentrated fertilizer products. By coupling this technology with traditional anaerobic digestion, it’s now possible to harness the full benefit of your organic waste by capturing energy, nutrients, and clean reusable water.


Consultation for a Free FMX In-house Pilot Testing

If you have any questions, please contact Lance Kaneoka at or (714) 578-0676 ext. 113.