FMX Applications

Flue Gas Desulfurization
FGD Wastewater Treatment


Pre-treat FGD wastewate to meet tightening standards now and in the future

With the arrival of the US EPA's effluent limitation guidelines (ELG), simple physical pre-treatment or biological removal of selenium and nitrate alone will no longer be sufficient to render FDG wastewaters safe for discharge. Controlled compounds now also include arsenic and mercury, with other metals and salts poised to appear on permits in the future. 

Using nano-filtration membranes, FMX can be used as a universal pre-treatment to remove all contaminant ions (TDS) simultaneously, giving utilities the power to meet ELG standards both now and in the future, or to opt for zero liquid discharge.

With its unique anti-scaling, anti-fouling technology, FMX can be installed alone or work in tandem with RO systems and evaporator technologies. FMX can significantly reduce CAPEX & OPEX costs for a range of FGD wastewater treatment processes, including reuse, discharge or evaporation.