FMX Models


S Class

The FMX-S class is the standard model, designed in close cooperation with Samsung Fine Chemical, boasting many optimum specifications with regards to the materials of construction, tolerances, and chemical compatibility. Stainless steel construction and high temperature and pressure ratings combine to make the FMX-S Class ideal for chemical, petro-chemical, and other high value applications.

The FMX-S Class membrane system is available in varying sizes ranging from 16 m2 (180 ft2) to 95 m2 (1021 ft2) for the FMX-S20 and FMX-S100, respectively.

P Class

The FMX-P Class is a pilot scale membrane filtration system with all the benefits of the FMX-B class, but with a larger membrane surface area to develop a more accurate design basis.

Benefits of the FMX-P Class:

  • Finalize design factors for reliable full-scale FMX system installation

  • Confirm long term operability and optimum cleaning procedures

  • Can be used as a standalone system for low flow applications

  • May also be used as an emergency drinking water filtration system

  • Complete turn-key system including pumps, control, valves, tanks, etc


fmx spec system.jpg
fmx spec material.jpg

E Class

For lower temperature and pressure applications, the FMX-E class (economic model) was specifically designed to provide a cost effective alternative for other types of high solid applications (i.e., biogas plant digester effluent treatment, food & beverage, etc.). Using a fiberglass housing and basic mechanisms allows for lower cost, but at the expense of pressure and temperature limitations. FMX-E Class is suitable for MF and UF applications only, resulting in a 40% cost savings compared to the standard FMX-S model on a comparable capacity basis.

B Class

The FMX-B Class is a bench-top model comprised of a single membrane module constructed from one membrane sheet under a vortex-generating blade. The small scale of the FMX-B class facilitates efficient membrane selection and analysis of budgetary design factors.

Our FMX-B class is also ideal for R&D and testing the feasibility of membrane separation for unconventional applications. This model is also ideal for quick membrane selection and analyzing budgetary design factors. 

The FMX-B Class is beneficial in a number of ways:

  • Enables feasibility studies for various applications

  • Confirming enhanced performance of commercial membrane with FMX vortex generator

  • Quickly verify maximum membrane performance

  • Save time and expense when determining the optimum membrane for the given application

  • Preliminary calculation of FMX design factors for industrialization

  • Easy membrane module assembly and disassembly