FMX Applications For Digestate

Nutrient Recovery


 Prepare digestate for RO nutrient concentration by removing 100% of suspended solids in one step

The suspended-solid free permeate from FMX, which is rich in nitrogen and potassium, can be further refined by conventional RO or thermal concentration systems to produce liquid fertilizer and clean water for reuse or discharge.

Since most phosphorus in digestate exists in particulate form, the high-solids FMX concentrate can be used as a phosphorus rich soil amendment that is low in ammonia. This concentrate stream is flowable and pumpable for dragline applications.

Separating phosphorous and inorganic nitrogen will allow for total control over NPK application ratios in your field. No matter the amount of digestate produced, FMX will help meet nutrient management goals and avoid damaging crops. By reducing the volume of nutrient-rich digestate produced onsite, you can minimize storage costs during the winter season and increase livestock production independently of receiving farmlands.