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Research & Development

FMX B (Bench-Scale Series) is optimized for laboratory use in chemical and biotech industries. With FMX B, researchers can focus on their own goals without concerns for separation and filtration issues. As the only membrane system that can handle feeds up to TS 27%, FMX is the new industry standard.

FMX is an innovative anti-fouling membrane filtration system specializing in the separation of high-solids, high-viscosity and high-turbidity liquid streams through the use of vortex generators to prevent the accumulation of foulants and scalants on the membrane surface.
Capable of utilizing any flat-sheet membrane, with any pore size (e.g. MF, UF), the FMX-B5 is designed for maximum adaptability in R&D and process development for ceramic and polymeric --an ideal solution for innovation.

FMX B5 box.jpg
FMX B5.jpg